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Biovit-R 150 powder
Composition: 1.0 g of the preparation contains 0.15 g of chlortetracycline hydrochloride and a filler up to 1 g.
Application: orally
Indications: It is used for the prevention and treatment of farm animals and poultry with colibacillosis, pasteurellosis, salmonellosis, mycoplasmosis., Staphylococcal infection, rickettsiosis, actinomycosis and other diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to tetracycline preparations. The drug is used for the prevention and treatment of rubella, inflammation of the swim bladder and other infectious diseases of fish caused by microorganisms sensitive to tetracycline drugs.
Composition: в 1,0 г препарата содержится не менее 950 мг бенфотиамина, а также кислота лимонная ангидрид.
Application: препарат задают внутрь в смеси с кормом
Indications: препарат применяют норкам и другим пушным зверям с лечебной и профилактическими целями при гипо- и авитаминозе тиамина.
Vitamix-1 powder (50 g, 1 kg)
Composition: 1,000 g contains: vitamin A - 10,000,000 IU; vitamin D3 -20,000,000 IU; vitamin E - 4,000 mg; vitamin B1 -1000 mg; vitamin B2 - 2,000 mg; vitamin K3 (menadione) -2,000 mg; selenium-33 mg; vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) - 12,000 mg; vitamin Bs (folic acid) - 300 mg; vitamin B6 - 1 600 mg; calcium pantothenate - 4000 mg; antioxidant (VTN) - 1,000 mg; betaine - 8,000 mg; methionine 1%; lysine - 2%; chlorides - 0.978%; sodium - 0.285%; calcium - 0.39%.
Application: orally
Indications: Premix "Vitamix-1" is used to enrich diets with vitamins and biologically active substances, to increase the productivity of animals, to prevent vitamin deficiency, to increase the natural resistance of animals, as well as to increase the effectiveness of therapeutic measures in animals and birds. Premix "Vitamix-1" is designed to optimize diets and normalize vitamin metabolism in pigs, cattle and poultry.
Glutar 1 l
Composition: 1.0 l of the preparation contains 40.0 g of glutaraldehyde, 32.0 g of glycosal, 100.0 g of didecyldimethylammonium chloride and water and up to 1.0 l.
Application: Disinf room
Indications: The solution is used for cleaning and disinfection of premises, vehicles, equipment, tools, etc.
Gonadorelin (gonadorelin acetate) 20 ml
Composition: 1.0 ml of the preparation contains 0.0001 g of gonadorelin acetate, excipients and solvent up to 1 ml.
Application: intravenously
Indications: the drug is used to regulate reproductive function in cattle, dogs and rabbits.
Lantavet ointment Tube 50 g
Composition: 100.0 g of the preparation contains 4.5 g of glycolan (triethylene glycol lanthanum trinitrate monohydrate) and a hydrophilic base up to 100.0 g.
Application: outwardly
Indications: The drug is used to treat large and small ruminants, horses, pigs, unproductive domestic animals, fur-bearing animals when: - solar, thermal, chemical burns and frostbite; - bruises, wounds, abrasions; - staphylococcal and streptococcal pyoderma, microbial eczema, otitis media. The drug is used to treat and prevent cracks and dryness of the skin of the udder nipples, in order to prevent mastitis, to treat the skin of the attendants' hands when milking animals.
Rivercon, an injectable drug Fl 100 ml
Composition: 1.0 ml of the preparation contains: ivermectin - 10 mg, auxiliary substances (benzyl alcohol, ethanol, lidocaine hydrochloride) and solvent - up to 1.0 ml.
Application: i / utero, s / c
Indications: The drug is used in cattle, horses, pigs, small ruminants, dogs, cats, rabbits with therapeutic and prophylactic purposes for diseases caused by nematodes, lice, gadfly larvae, ticks and other arthropods. In cattle, the drug is used for dictyocaulosis, ostertagiasis, haemonchosis, trichostrongylosis, cooperiosis, habertiosis, esophagostomosis, nematodyrosis, bunostomosis, strongyloidosis, trichocephalosis, telasiosis, hypodermosis. For horses, the drug is used for parascariasis, oxyurosis, strongilatosis, strongyloidosis, parafilariasis, psoroptosis, sarcoptic mange, chorioptosis, gastrophilia, rhinestrosis and against ixodid ticks. Pigs: with ascariasis, trichocephalosis, esophagostomosis, metastrongylosis, ollulonosis, strongyloidosis, sifunculatosis and sarcoptic mange. For small cattle, the drug is used for dictyocaulosis, protostrongylosis, haemonchiasis, esophagostomosis, strongyloidosis, trichostrongylosis, nematodyrosis, cooperiosis, habertiosis, trichocephalosis, melophagosis, estrogenesis and psortopathy. Dogs are used for toxocariasis, toxascariasis, uncinariosis, ankylostomiasis, strongyloidiasis, dirofilariasis, sarcoptic mange, notoedrosis, otodectosis, demodicosis and sifunculitis. Cats are used for otodectosis, sarcoptic mange, notoedrosis, demodicosis, toxocariasis, ankylostomiasis, dirofilariasis. For rabbits, the drug is used for passalurosis, trichocephalosis, strongyloidosis, trichostrongylosis, sarcoptic mange, psoroptosis, notoedrosis and demodectic mange.
Rivertin 1%, granulate 1 kg
Composition: 1.0 g of the drug contains 0.01 g of ivermectin.
Application: orally
Indications: For large and small ruminants, the drug is prescribed for dictyocaulosis, ostertagiasis, hemonchosis, trichostrongylosis, bunostomiasis, strongyloidiasis, thelaziosis, sifunculosis, melophagosis, hypodermatosis, estrosis, psoroptosis and choriptosis. Horses and other non-artiodactyls with parascariosis, oxyurosis, strongilatosis, parafilariasis, gastrofiliasis and rhinestrosis. Pigs with ascariasis, esophagostomosis, trichocephalosis, strongyloidiasis, metastrongylosis, hematopinosis and sarcoptic mange. Fur animals with toxocariasis, toxascariasis, krenosomiasis, hookworm disease, uncinarosis, trichocephalosis, sarcoptic mange, notoedrosis and sifunculosis. Rabbits with passalurosis and psoroptosis. Chickens with ascariasis, heterokidosis and capillariasis.
Stimulong, injectable drug 100 ml
Composition: 1.0 ml of the drug contains 0.05 mg of cyanocobalamin, 0.1 g of butophosphamide and solvent up to 1.0 ml.
Application: i / utero, s / c
Indications: The drug is used for all types of farm animals, dogs, cats, in complex therapy for hypotension and atony of the uterus, for the prevention of postpartum complications (tetany, postpartum paresis); as a tonic for fatigue in horses (2-3 days before the competition); young animals and poultry - complex therapy for bronchopneumonia, infections of soft tissues and skin, infections of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system, for fractures for better regeneration of bone tissue; as an immunostimulating agent for mass infectious diseases of animals and poultry; with rickets, hypomagnesemia, with paresis and paralysis, with myocarditis and myocardosis; with metabolic disorders, anorexia, gastritis, anemia; as antitoxic for helminthiasis; to stimulate growth in puppies and kittens.
Torukox 2.5% solution (Fl 10 ml, Fl 100 ml, 1 L)
Composition: The drug is a colorless to yellow or brown liquid (opalescence is allowed). 100.0 ml of the drug contains 2.5 g of toltrazuril and excipients up to 100.0 ml.
Application: orally
Indications: It is used for the prevention and treatment of eimeriosis of broilers, replacement chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks.
Flavovit 8% powder (up to 500 kg volume) 1 kg, 25 kg
Composition: 1000 g contains: 80 g of flavophospholipol and 920 g of filler.
Application: orally
Indications: The feed additive is used for all types of farm animals, poultry, and fish for the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases, stabilization of intestinal microflora, and improvement of feed digestibility.